im thinking of the end of global warming               

Press Release:

Affecting CHANGE can be a daunting task. Affecting GLOBAL change? Try HERCULEAN. Still, with an issue as big as GLOBAL WARMING, it's going to take a equally enormous effort to make change. One organization is doing just that. It's 350.ORG, the international CLIMATE CHANGE campaign. Partnering with individuals and groups around the world, 350.ORG is changing the way we look at our changing climate. Already, 350.ORG has impacted environmental legislation in America, inspiring politicians to cut carbon 80% by 2050. On October 24th, 2009, 350 goes worldwide.

In coordination with 350's international day of action, ADITA.ORG releases "C350: MUSIC FOR A MOVEMENT". This compilation consists of a wide variety of artists from around Chicago, the midwest, and beyond. "C350: MUSIC FOR A MOVEMENT" benefits 350.ORG, with promotion of the October 24th day of action, and monetarily with each sale. ADITA.ORG is the digital home of A DAY IN THE AIR, a personal zine written by Bradley Adita. "C350: MUSIC FOR A MOVEMENT" is A Day In The Air #24 and the 4th CD to be released since 2000. "" was released in 2003.