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          004111105: Busker Hymn - original by FAUXHAWK. acoustic guitar with 5 strings. photography by David Underpants at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.
          003111105: Flying Red Horse - original by JOHN GORKA. first heard on WFMT's saturday night program, The Midnight Special: www.midnightspecial.org. John Gorka on the web: www.johngorka.com.
          002111105: Hamster Man - original by OBLIVION. written by Oblivion for Hamster Man comic series by Paul Koob at: www.hamsterman.com.
          001111105: The Fall - original by FAUXHAWK. acoustic guitar with 5 strings. compositional nuance provided by Steve Dillon.

fauxhawk ethnology / trancefestage
       fixtures on the mickey mantle of the hearth of hart in beowulf-ness. now, ownership has superseeded suburban hectacres. factuality and fiction converged diverge in modern/postmodern duality. moments of misery/elation/self-actualization. however, time and motion are of the essence and show no signs of ending; rather time and motion are employed in the ringing of the bells of the mouth of the town crier. digitized data scratching alternating between extremities, one google light switches in square formation flicking back and forth. one and zero, existence and nonexistence potential, yet life is both. the sun sets sooner and day is darker earlier, but begins earlier as well.

fauxhawk methodology / transfesto
       pratical applications for the implementation of futuristic notions which fueled developments in technology, converge on fauxhawk, a sonic vision of bankruptcy. implementing acoustics, electronics, and analogistics, fauxhawk reinterprets songs played too many times; folk rock? yes... but which folk know? guess... genetics welcome collaberations in partnership to rescue the video star from impending reflexive catastrophes of both 'reality' and 'sur-reality' to the tune of these: guanine, cytosine, adenine, fasolateadoh experimentation in dueling duality, bothisms, and frappuccino mediocre bangs and permordial soap on a rope. self scar-ific, self sacrificing, paying tribute to g.g. allen, uncle art garf, tenacious d, ludacris, and lead belly. with total dedication to the serious.
       elevated trains deliver customers to shopping malls in urban ritual ceremonies are our roads which are gutters we read in prayer books on many sabbaths. street level homeless abandonded is fresh advertising as if there were eyes to see it, grape, orange, and root beer soda. tuxpsuedo-black tie occasional appletinis abound. cognizant readers pursue however fauxhawk seeks a singer on par with freddy mercury, bob hope, zappa. surely confidence conveys.
       "the packaging" - does communication stand in the way of information dividing us? but to end with a question, no, instead the road map to peace is my baby brother with crayons on the family-room walls, asbestos transfesto, unresto in the midwest, oprah insinuates new frontiers in anti-tainment bowling alleys no one goes to clerk at register smokes out of business. to pulp fiction a presentation at your next board meeting call xfauxhawkx at gee mail dot com, but moreover; send me your fauxhawks, shugga.
       there are no deer in winnetka.


science n surplus
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six am
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we want a rock
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at the end of a gun
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