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READ zine

READ Zine; the magazine YOU make.

Based in the midwest, each READ zine is created at a "zine party." Upon arrival, guests are given a sheet of paper on which to work. During the party, attendees work on their pages while music is played, socialize and have a good time, in the laid back enviroment. Zine publishers are encouragd to bring their zines for trading and selling. Everyone is encouraged to come seasoned veterans as well as those new to the zine world. At the end, the pages are collected and published together in a little magazine we like to call READ Zine. (check out some example pages from READ Zine #4)

This November, READ Zine debuts in the central local of Chicago, Illinois at the Highschool Space. To date there have been four READ Zine Parties, publishing work from over two hundred individuals. Venues for these events have been diverse from the independent efforts at The Missing Peace Gallerie to the academic institution of The University of Iowa Museum of Art.

Funding for the magazine in the past has been through grants and donations. The funds are pooled and used to print as many copies of the zine as possible. These copies are distributed free to READ attendees, and through other distribution pathways such as zine distros, book stores, record emporiums, at live music shows, and at zine conventions such as the Allied Media Conference. The Stepping Up Project has been a primary source of grant funds during the tenure in Iowa. Recently READ zine received a grant from the City of Chicago's Cultural Arts Assistance Program [CAAP].

READ zine gives the public a chance to participate in the artistic / mechanical process of zine production. In this hands on environment, amatuers and experienced artists are given the opportunity to create together and learn from each other. The culmination of the event is a physical product, the printed zine, that is shared amongst the participants and the community at large. This gives the chance for young writers / artists / illustrators / taggers (& beyond) to be published along side their older contemporaries who hold MFAs, been published in magazines, and have established careers in the arts. READ is also a forum for diverse groups of people to meet each other and interact with others in a meaningful ways.

Thank you to all our participants. Click on the READ Zine covers (to the right) for a list of participants and sample pages. If you are a past participant and want to have your name linked your online portfolio or CV please email Hope to see you at READ #5.


February 20th, 2003

December 3rd, 2002

April 30th, 2002

September 21st, 2001