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Who does Redline?

Redline was started by: Sinister Label, Walk in Cold, Harmless Records, Quincy Shanks, Arms Reach Recordings, Failed Experiment Records, Government Music, and Hewhocorrupts, Inc. It's currently maintained by Quincy Shanks, Hewhocorrupts Inc., Fudge Sickill Records, Action Heights, Curtaincall Music, Underground Communique, and Forge Again Records.

How can I get my records on Redline?

Redline only carries Chicago records. So if it's a Chicago band or it's on a Chicago label we will take it. Just email us about it at: And yes the suburbs do count as Chicago.

What won't Redline carry?

Redline will not carry any racist or sexist music.

Does Redline offer wholesale prices to stores and distros?

Yes we do! But right now we can only offer wholesale prices for the following labels: Forge Again Records, Walk in Cold, Harmless Records, Quincy Shanks, Fudge Sickill Records, Action Heights, Underground Communique, Curtaincall Music, and Hewhocorrupts Inc. Please email us for a wholesale catalog:

What if none of this answers my question?

Email us at:

The Phenoms
"Home Brain Surgery Kit"
Littleman Complex
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