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Fall Out Boy
Interview by: Bradley Adita March 2004

Bradley: How long has Fall Out Boy been around? How many shows have you played to date? Do you keep a band diary?

FOB: About 2 and a half years now. We played over 270 shows last year. Yes. Scope it over at

Bradley: Where is Fall Out Boy from? What bands have you been in prior to FOB?

FOB: The suburbs of Chicago. We were in some hardcore bands like: Racetraitor, Arma Angelus, Extinction, and Birthright.

Bradley: Fall Out Boy is a Simpsons reference, has there been any legal issues with this?

FOB: It's spelled Fall Out Boy. So its not a Simpsons reference, ha.

Bradley: Things have been going pretty fast for you guys lately, do you have time to stop and smell the roses? And if so, what do they smell like?

FOB: They smell like dogshit. Wait that is dogshit.

Bradley: What has been your favorite venue to play of all time?

FOB: Arlington Heights Knights of Columbus.

Bradley: Have you ever been dumpster-diving? And if so, what did you score?

FOB: Just cause we don't shower dont make us homeless.

Bradley: Lets put this to an end, who is the hottest member of the band?

FOB: Ack, why choose?

Bradley: If you had to label yourself in a musical category would you suck it up and take it like a man, throw a temper tantrum like a child, or debate about it endlessly like a senior citizen?

FOB: Categories are for the library and I ain't no bookworm.

Bradley: What musical category do you put yourself in? How did you get involved in this type of music?

FOB: Pop and punk, not pop punk. I got involved cause I think I did something bad in another life that I'm being punished for

Bradley: How did the high-school student produced show, Paradox, impact your sound and attitude?

FOB: Ah, I dunno. I think I hung out with some kids from it.

Bradley: How does Fall Out Boy distinguish between punk and pop-punk? What is pop punk to you?

FOB: I dunno. It's so stupid to sit here and try to dumb it down. In the end no one wants to be what they are. We play with certain bands that sound a certain way. If you want to call us pop punk that is fine. We play music that we love and that is what's important to us.

Bradley: Patrick, do you have hopes that someone will make a musical based on the songs of Fall Out Boy similar to the way playwright Catherine Johnson employed ABBA in the Broadway musical, "Mamma Mia!" ?

FOB: He says it's already in production.

Bradley: What are your top 5 Chicago bands?

FOB: Cheap Trick, Alkaline Trio, The Academy, Extinction, Naked Raygun, and Screeching Weasel(had to get it in there).

Bradley: What is your current relationship with the area known as Chicagoland?

FOB: I sleep in a bed located there when I'm home. And miss most of my friends alot.

Bradley: What subscriptions, if any, do you have?

FOB: Alternative Press.

Bradley: On a scale of 1 to 10, (1 being Mel Gibson and 10 being Pauly Shore) how seriously do you take yourselves as a group?

FOB: Those two sound very similiar to me.

Bradley: Don't you think Redline Distribution is just soo awesome?

FOB: Definitely. Wink wink.

Bradley: On women; bikini, boyshort, or thong?

FOB: Thong, ain't got no time for a camel toe.

Bradley: The Hilton or The Holiday Inn?

FOB: Pete likes the Paris Hilton.

Bradley: Legos or Lincoln Logs?

FOB: Legos, duh.

Bradley: Choose one: cassette tape / vinyl / compact disk / eight track / i-pod.

FOB: I-pod.

Bradley: Dungeons and Dragons or Mike Tyson's Punch Out?

FOB: We ain't no geeks. Tyson's Punch Out.

Bradley: What's gross?

FOB: These questions, haha.

Bradley: What's grosser than gross?

FOB: The sick chair I'm sitting in.

Bradley: Has anyone in the band ever landed a kickflip?

FOB: We swear we were landing them yesterday.

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