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interview by: Mike Alfini September 2002

Mike: Who came up with the idea of Hewhocorrupts?

Tommy Camaro: The corporation was founded by my father William Camaro the third in the early 1900's when he recognized hardcore's bid for globalization. Almost 100 years later we have become the leader in our industry and like my father said back then "this life is like food, it always turns to shit in the in" and you can take that to the bank and cash it!

Mike: Have you guys ever had the problem of anyone not understanding your sarcasm?

Tommy Camaro: I'm not sure what you mean. I'm sensing some sarcasm in your question. We run one of the finest businesses in this country. If you want sarcasm go talk to one of those kids that ride their skateboards outside our office everyday. This kids are little snot nose fucks. I hope a bus gets drop on
their fucking heads...soon.

Mike: Where do most of the ideas of your songs come from musically and lyrically?

Tommy Camaro: Most of our songs are produced in the Hewhocorrupts Inc. Sound Production Department lead by new hire Michael Adirelli. We were lucking enough to pick up Michael last month after he had a falling out with MCA Records. Michael has worked with some of our industries top acts, including Andrew WK and The Hives. I almost get hives just thinking about working with him and how our relationship will generate a very prosperous future!

Mike: You guys put out a lot of splits do you prefer to do a release that way?

Tommy Camaro: It's definitely a marketing trick that I think really benefits our band. We try to hit each genre of hardcore, reaching to each of their audience in an exclusive manner that will maximize profits for the current quarter. If we see that mosh core is in, we approach mosh bands to do a split with us.
Currently we are looking into releasing a record with a old school hardcore
band. According to research that we have done in such magazines as Maximum Rock n Roll, we feel that his will be the next big money maker for the company.

Mike: Any plans for a full length?

Tommy Camaro: Not really, I already have a full least that secretary we fired last month use to think so. I'm pretty happy with my "full length". I think any discussions of an enlargment will come after my 50th least I hope.

Mike: What's the connection to the band Hewhocorrupts and the label Hewhocorrupts?

Tommy Camaro: There is no connection. They are the same enterprize. I'm beginning to think that this interview was a waste of my god damn time. Here's a suggestion, do some research before you interview your next CEO...that is, if you ever interview a CEO again. Pssssssh.

Mike: Hewhocorrupts just played an over 21 show was that weird for the band?

Tommy Camaro: No, actually it was a great experience. You didn't have to deal with those dumb 16 year olds and their fucking skateboards and earrings and there was actually some people there that new a thing or two about investing. We also decided to capitalize off the crowd by bringing our personal bar to the show and lowering our drink prices by twenty fives cents to beat out the competition. Needless to say we made more money than a candy machine in a Jenny Craig storefront.

Mike: Do you prefer shows in the city or suburbs?

Tommy Camaro: Anything that is closer to the loop is better for my company and I. I prefer to work as much as possible in order to make sure anyone I lay eyes upon has less money than me and anything that defers me from that, like wasting time driving to a soccer mom's house to play a show in the suburbs, really pisses me off.

Mike: Hewhocorrupts would be labeled as a hardcore band. Do you think there is too much division in the Chicago scene within the genres of punk?

Tommy Camaro: If you knew anything about marketing you would know that making yourself stand out will only benefit your enterprise. I say create this fucking division. In fact, now that I think about it, we are in our own fucking division, the H to the W to the mother fucking C Inc. division! And you can take that to the bank and make a savings account out of god damn shit!

Mike: Does Durkin hectic schedule hurt the band? Does it help that he's only taking art classes this quarter?

Tommy Camaro: I think you might have your questions mix up here for the other company you said you were interviewing later. After having my secretary check our current employee roster in the HWC Inc. database we have confirmed their is no employee working here with the last name Durkin. Again, I'm sorry, but I can't not answer this question.

Mike: How old is Mendola really? And is he the father figure of the band?

Tommy Camaro: After another check off the database, again we have come up with the same results. Their is no an employee here named Mendola! And again, this is not a band, it is a business! Ask me one more fucking question like that again and your going to end up like AT&T's stock right now...going down!

Mike: Do you think Hewhocorrupts would be here today if it weren't for Dave Eves and the Elmhurst VFW?

Tommy Camaro:You think your funny kid, huh? I don't have time to waste talking about people who I have no business concerns with! Hewhocorrupts owes their existence to William Camaro and William Camaro. That guy took a peice of shit, polished it, and made it into a fucking diamond! You hear me! A fucking diamond I say! I have had enough of your shit and I'm about to consilidate your ass like a bad dad. You better reconcile your statements punk!

Mike: Who were the biggest influences on your band ethically and musically?

Tommy Camaro: Fuck you and fuck you!

Mike: Any last words to wrap this up?

Tommy Camaro: Kiss my fucking ass you dip shit!

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