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(Lone) Wolf and Cub
Interview By: Jimmy Farabi 2006

Trading in their pickup trucks and acoustic guitars for battle axes and beards, (Lone) Wolf & Cub waste no time in laying exactly that...waste...metal waste. Whether they're in the back yard training attack dogs or rubbing rocks together to ignite the fire for their next meal of meat, these men have one thing on their mind, destroy the living and devour the maggots that seek their flesh! Read on...but before you do...bow before the lone wolf!!!

Jimmy: How and when did (Lone) Wolf and Cub come together?

Tim: In a bloodbath of shit and cum.

Jimmy: Tell me a little about the members of the band and what bands you've been in?

Tim: Rick, Dave and I were in La Mantra De Fhiqria. Micah was in Seyla. Gabe was in Psycho Scapegoat. Our ex-members were/are in Dakota/Dakota, The Ghost, and Russian Circles. 'Ol fuck face was in fuckface. We're all seriously invested masons, current, former, whatever....masons...

Jimmy: When making songs for (Lone) Wolf and Cub, do you incorporate styles from the bands you've been in or do you try to make a completely different sound?

Tim: Well, Rick writes almost all of our songs, I think he just plays Heart songs really fast.

Jimmy: Hewhocorrupts Inc recently released your CDEP May You Only See Sky. How do you think writing the material for this EP was different than writing material for the Fuiguirnet split 7 inch that was released a few years ago?

Tim: It was vastly different. Bruce Willis and Spike Lee were there for the EP. Their input could only be described as invaluable.

Jimmy: For the next release are you thinking of doing a split EP or a full length?

Tim: Full length, many vaguely witty titles are being shirtcocked.

Jimmy: How did playing Dudefest go?

Tim: Very very very fun. I didn't think we played all that well, but I was shitfaced with fun.

Jimmy: Do you think there is a big difference between Illinois shows and out of state shows? Which do you prefer?

Tim: Out of state shows tend to be more energetic, but they also tend to be younger, less drunk people. I don't really prefer one over the other, they are quite different beasts.

Jimmy: I see you are playing a few dates in the UK with Hewhocorrupts. Has the band ever played outside of the country?

Tim: Never ever never never.

Jimmy: You guys have a music video in the works. How is that coming along?

Tim: It looks pretty fucking rad. It has tons of blood and zombie babes of both sexes. We could not have had a better cast and crew. It took four 12 hours days for us and two 12 hour days for all the extras. I must shout out to Al and Ryan, the only dudes we didn't know who showed up. Ryan puked from the make-up or something. He was toughish.

Jimmy: What does the band want to accomplish in the future?

Tim: We want to accomplish THE future.

Jimmy: Do you have any last words?

Tim: You can lead a corpse to water....

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