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interview by: Ryan Durkin (WCWZ) winter 2002

Most bands use their recording budgets to make sure that their album sounds the best it possibly could. With the generous thirty thousand dollar advancement given to Spitalfield for their newest record from the good fellows at Sinister Label, the band decide to blow the money up their nose…literally. Questions answered by Mark.

WCWZ: Besides the drugs that you guys do, is there anything else that you enjoy in life?

Mark: Not really. However, we all seem to enjoy Rod Stewart albums. It’s something we cannot only all agree on, but also all relate to together. It’s a bonding thing. You know?

WCWZ: Since you are probably the ones to ask, where is the best place to buy blow in the city? I heard Garfield and Bishop, can you confirm that for me?

Mark: Our hot spots include: Taylor and Western and Crate & Barrel.

WCWZ: Do any of the VH1 "Behind The Music" series scare your band members, with all the talk of members dying from drug addictions and so forth?

Mark: Our guitarist, Daniel, has already stated, "If I’m not dead by the time I’m 30, I’ve done something wrong". So, no.

WCWZ: I heard that you guys thought your guitar player died of a heroin overdose, but he really only stop breathing because he thought he saw Jesus. Wouldn't something like this teach you a lesson?

Mark: You’d think so. The thing about seeing Jesus is you really think it’s him. And "you really think it’s him" every time you "see him". So, the whole "remember last time you thought you saw Jesus?" thing doesn’t really ever matter or play a factor the next time you "see him". Follow?

WCWZ: Is there any truth behind the rumor that cocaine makes your pants tighter on you because it causes erections?

Mark: No. The only reason people think that anyways is because of Dan Rather. Seriously.

WCWZ: If you were to be locked in a room for 10 days, what drug would you want to take with you?

Mark: Definitely Sugar Ray’s latest album. We would all live in peace listening to "Answer the Phone" on repeat.

WCWZ: When I saw your band play a couple months back, I notice some white stuff on your nose while you were singing. Later when I brought it up to you, you said that it was from a powder donut. Was that true, or was that really cocaine?

Mark: Ryan, you said you wouldn’t bring this up. You have officially violated my trust…even more than the time you broke into my house using the garage door code and tried to steal my copy of "Saved By The Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas". You are on thin ice, Durkin.

WCWZ: Have you ever shot heroin up your butt for kicks?

Mark: Pass.

WCWZ: Ok, I know you probably need a hit or something, so I'll stop my questions here, unless there is anything else you want to add.

Mark: Yeah. Don’t ever assume that old women like to be "pushed brutally" into shopping carts, even if they look like they would enjoy it. Thanks, Ryan.

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