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Kevin & Gordon of All Ages Radio
interview by: Mike Alfini January 2003

Mike: Where and when can you catch All Ages Radio?

All Ages: You can catch us Friday nights at midnight (Sat.Morn) on 89.1 WONC in the burbs or listen live at WONC.ORG anywhere in the whole f**king world!

Mike: Can you give a history of All Ages Radio?

All Ages: A complete history is available on our site,, it's long, exciting, cool, and fresh.

Mike: How long have you guys been doing the show?

All Ages: We (Kevin and Gordon) have been here for about a year and a half.

Mike: Have you ever gotten in trouble with the FCC?

All Ages: We learned the hardway that you can't talk about "putting things in
things." We're lucky to be where we are at so we can learn our boundaries
without getting our asses kicked too hard by "The Man."

Mike: When will you guys have to give up the show?

All Ages: When we graduate. Then we'll sell it.

Mike: What is the best thing about doing All Ages Radio?

All Ages: Getting to hang with bands we have looked up to, playing good music on the radio, full control over 4 hours of the airwaves, and chicks!

Mike: Who are some of your favorite guests you‚ve ever had on the show?

All Ages: Rise Against..friends of ours, Haymarket Riot...great f***king band,
Lawrence Arms...always drunk, Preacher Gone to Texas...the next "Big Thing",
and Jinxpack...Kevin and Gordon clones.

Mike: Have you ever had any guests that you didn‚t really care for on the show?

All Ages: Of course...but we don't talk shit. We like to give everyone the chance
to do their thing because we didn't have to work half as hard to get this
show as bands do for recognition.

Mike: What guests have gotten the most call ins?

All Ages: Well there are good call-ins and bad call-ins. Preacher has been the
biggest turnaround after they played the show. Not a week goes by without
Preacher requests.

Mike: Is there a single band that has had more requests than any other?

All Ages: The classics get constant requests (Rancid, NOFX, AFI, Ramones) but more loyal fans tend to favor the up-and-comers.

Mike: Do any labels ever get annoying about you guys playing their releases?

All Ages: No labels in general, but someone needs to tell Redline when to back the f**k off!

Mike: What are some labels that have been cool to deal with through All Ages?

All Ages: Fat Wreck Chords and Victory treat us like kings, same with Sinister and Thick. It's so awesome how much these labels appreciate what we are doing, and it's equally as cool to us as fans of the music who get sent crates and crates of CDs. Without the labels and distribution like Redline, we would be very dry and itchy. We owe it all to the labels.

Mike: What are your favorite releases of 2002?

All Ages: Taking Back Sunday - Tell All Your Friends, Atreyu - Suicide Notes and Butterfly Kisses, Transplants - Transplants, the used - the used,
Stereotyperider - Same Chords, Same Songs, Same 6 Strings, The Lawrence Arms - Apathy and Exhaustion, Preacher Gone to Texas - Choice Vs Chance, just to name a few, if you want a more complete list, listen Friday nights at

Mike: All Ages Radio has always supported local Chicago bands. Who are some of your favorite Chicago bands of all time?

All Ages: Of all time? Naked Raygun, Styx, Cheap Trick, Alkaline Trio, Slapstick, Rise Against, Lawrence Arms, 88 Fingers Louie, Ambition Mission, DISTURBED!!!!!!!!

Mike: Where is your favorite place in Chicago to see shows?

All Ages: By far the Fireside of course, but the Metro is getting up there as far as the bands they get, for some reason local churches and clubs are blowing

Mike: Since the name of the show is All Ages, what do you think of over 21 shows?

All Ages: They are stupid as hell for sure, but that takes us into a whole different topic. There shouldn't be restrictions on hearing music. If someone is going to buy the album, they respectfully should be able to see the band in

Mike: What guests are you guys hopefully going to have on All Ages this year?

All Ages: We're working on a bunch of biggies, Taking Back Sunday, From Autumn to Ashes, The Starting Line, The Holiday, Thursday, etc. We DO have Dean Kain next week, "TV's Superman, Host of Ripley's Believe It or Not, Star of the TBS Superstation Original Holiday Movie: Christmas Rush."

Mike: Any last words?

All Ages: We don't claim to know everything, we're just two dudes with a radio show that we would listen to as well. We have and always will be open to
suggestion and feedback. There are no commercials, no major labels to
please, and no one ever claims to be punker than you. If you can't wait
until Friday, head over to our website to listen to archived shows and see
all the bullshit we have to offer. Here are our measurements...

Studio line: 630.637.8989
Voicemail/Booking: 630.637.5965 Ext. 4
AIM: allagesradio
Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving, it's SO CRAZY!**

for more info on All Ages Radio please visit:

Rise Against
"Revolutions Per Minute"
Haymarket Riot
Ambition Mission
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