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Ambition Mission
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Ambition Mission
interview by: Ryan Durkin (WCWZ) Summer 2000

WCWZ: So the question on most of our minds is why Ambition Mission decided to stick together instead of breaking up and why the band was going to break up in the first place?

Annie: Junk, man. Fucking junk. Horrible addictions, man. Nearly killed us.

WCWZ: When did the band start up and what bands were you in previously before forming Ambition Mission?

Annie: Ambition Mission is the only band that matters.

Jake: I used to be in Face to Face.

Bryan: I played bass for Rustweiler for a couple of years. Then I was in the Mushuganas awhile before that.

WCWZ: Tell the readers a little about the Community Showers Loft. History? Booking info?

Annie: The loft started when me, Jake, and Bryan got the place a little over 2 years ago. It started as a place for touring bands only to play, especially smaller ones that had trouble getting a Fireside show or something. We've had some really good shows here and met some really great people, folks who I will probably stay in contact with for life. The shows are very cozy and not much trouble has happened. The whole 2 years we have been here, only one person has ever gotten kicked out (for being lewd to ladies). But we're not gonna be doing shows regularly anymore because it's too hard. It's not like we're a club or anything. We live here too and just about everything in the house has become stiffened from spilled beer and whatnot. So sometimes it gets frustrating. We'll still do an occasional show, but right now it's too close to home - it is our home. The shows happen in the kitchen. So we just need to take a break for awhile.

WCWZ: I know you have been playing in and listening to punk rock bands for awhile. What do you like most about the present Chicago scene in regards to the scene four or five years ago?

Annie: I like that there isn't really a huge problem with skinhead violence, except for in the northern suburbs (insert chortling laughter here). I like that more gals seem to be rocking out. What I don't like is this whole fascination with fashion rock that has seemed to bloom the past few years. It's changed people's attitudes and personalities in a negative way. Call me old fashioned, but...

Jake: My favorite part about the scene is how the majority of the older "punks" hang out at the bars instead of hanging with the kids.

Bryan: It seems that people are enjoying themselves a lot more now-a-days. Instead of just attending the same venue every Friday or Saturday, people have been setting up shows and more importantly beyond that, it seems more people are getting along outside of the band atmosphere and setting up non-music related events, avoiding the band/audience monotony. A lot of people I spend time with are always talking about how they can't stand going to shows or whatnot, and it's kind of funny because things are a fuck of a lot better than they were 5, 10 years ago or whatever. It's gone beyond the hierarchy shit were fools are strutting around shows because their bullshit band got signed to some California label and all their mob sulks behind in admiration. Intelligence seems to play a part now, and the kids are finally seeing beyond the whack shit. Yo.

WCWZ: What are some of your favorite local bands lately?

Annie: Local? Fuck... The Replacements, The Who, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Nar, The Bananas, Shotwell. They're not from Chicago but they all live on this planet so I guess that would make them local, universally speaking.

Jake: Chauncey is a good local punk band and they are young too so that’s cool.

Bryan: Local? How about Wilco? They're kind of close. To be honest, I can't think of much off hand. Chauncey? John Brown Battery? I've really been on the old SST shit as of recent, but that shit changes every month. I really miss My Lai, The Strike, and our rim job partners Trepan Nation. La Mantra De whatever is a cool new band, but I have yet to see them live or remember their full name.

WCWZ: What do you like most about zines? Do you think that they are valuable to the punk scene? If so, why?

Annie: Yes, though I have always preferred the personal zine rather than the music based ones. I really don't give a crap about reviews and rarely read interviews unless it is a band I like. I would much rather read about someone's crazy adventures than whether they think the new Queers record sucks or not. I think in the personal aspect, it is valuable because it lets me peer into the psyches of other people in the punk rock/DIY way of life. It serves to kind of alleviate some of the alienation that always hangs over me knowing that there are other people who have the same thoughts, politics, strife, or weird habits, like the NAMBLA newsletter, for instance.

Jake: I think they are important for the sake of getting different points of view. It's always nice to see how different topics or issues are filtered through another pair of eyes.

Bryan: Like em a whole bunch. I agree with my colleagues, but I'm kind of picky. I just can't read something that's poorly written, which is what I seem to come across more as of late.

WCWZ: Were you ever in the Pen 15 club?

Annie: What in tarnation kind of itshay is that?!!?!?

Bryan: No, but I was totally into the band Pen from a few years back, Jake has 20 copies of their seven inch in his distro.

WCWZ: What records do you have out and what records will be coming out in the future?

Annie: Four 7"s (2 splits, one comp, and our first 7"). We have a full length coming out on Community Shower/Planit X/No! Records soon. It's all recorded as of this interview but we still have yet to get it mastered and send the fucker out.

WCWZ: Closing words of wisdom?

Annie: Don't go sticking tweezers into electrical outlets. I know from personal experience that it sucks.

Jake: Stay golden, Pony Boy.

Bryan: Give me a call, we'll hang out or something. Let's do the next interview in person.

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