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Hamster Man
Hamster Man
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Paul Koob (hamster man)
interview by: Mike Alfini November 2002

Mike: Where and when did the idea of hamster man come to you?

Paul: I started drawing Hamster Man in 1985 when I was in the fifth grade. I can't remember why exactly, but I did have pet hamsters around then and every week I checked out this book titled Hamsters from the school library.

Mike: What is your favorite thing about doing Hamster Man?

Paul: When it's all done and everyone tells me how fuckin' awesome I am.

Mike: A few years back you were going to do a book and record set where I was to do the voice for Hamster Man. is there any hope to bringing that idea back?

Paul: Yes. But I think it would be better to do it as a Flash cartoon. It would be free to produce and would be accessible to a lot more

Mike: Do you think Chicago understands Hamster Man?

Paul: Do you think I understand that question?

Mike: Where around Chicago can you purchase Hamster Men?

Paul: Quimby's book store on North Avenue. Chicago Comics on Clark Street. Both Reckless Records locations. Atomix coffee shop on Chicago Avenue at Damen. You can also buy them on the internet at

Mike: What comics do you enjoy reading?

Paul: I like reading Missy Kulik's comics (look for her at and anything by Arthur
Jones (

Mike: You have been in many bands, who were they and which was your favorite?

Paul: I played in The Fighters, Old Dad, Joan of Arc, Owls, Brown Round Town Hound, Hardcore Reality '98, and even an early version of Craphole. The Fighters was my favorite because it was guitar driven pop punk with plenty of catchy hooks and melodic vocals.

Mike: Do you think you would be doing Hamster Man today, If you were never involved in an underground music scene?

Paul: Yes, but it might have been totally different. For one thing, touring has allowed me to distribute comics all over the world. Also, because I am more involved with music than the comics scene, I am way cooler than I might have been.

Mike: Where in Chicago do you like to see shows?

Paul: My favorite place is Schuba's because the sound is so good and the separate bar room silences the chattering of the idiot regulars. The Fireside Bowl is the most fun but you can only make a big bowling alley sound so good.

Mike: What are your favorite Chicago bands of all time?

Paul: The 4-Squares and Biscayne

Mike: What sector of the Chicago scene do you consider yourself part of?

Paul: Johann's Face

Mike: What do you think was the strangest and most annoying scene ever in Chicago?

Paul: clown punk

Mike: Any last words?


The 4-Squares
"Steve's Hamper"
"You'd Build a Robot"
"Dad, Are We Punk Yet?"
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