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interview by: Ryan Durkin (WCWZ) Fall 2000

WCWZ: So tell the readers a little bit about Naperville's best kept secret, Division.

Joe: Division is: Andy - bass guitar/vocals, Mark - drums/recording & Joe guitar/vocals. We officially started Division a little over two years ago as a side project. At that time, all of us were in a band called SwingSet. Wanting to play something different, the three of us decided to start Division. Last June, after finally finding our "sound", we all decided we wanted to commit more time to this band. Since then we've spent all of our time writing, recording in Mark's home studio and doing the band stronger than we have before.

WCWZ: What are the pros and cons of being in a band from the suburbs if any?

Joe: Pros - house rock! Because the suburbs offer little in the way of rock n' roll clubs, we are in the "loop" when it comes to playing houses. Some of the coolest shows are the ones put on in basements, garages and living rooms. Cons - house rock. Sometimes playing houses with bad PA's and poor ventilation can be more of a drag than a fun time. Being a band from the suburbs, you know the experience of bad house shows all to well.

WCWZ: I know that you have a brother playing with you in Division. How does that help the band?

Joe: Having my brother in the band helps communication. Because we've been playing together for so long, there is an unspoken language between us when we write songs and play music together. It makes writing and playing that much easier.

WCWZ: Tell us a little about All Ages Radio and your affiliation with it.

Joe: All Ages Radio is a punk rock radio program that is broadcast on 89.1 FM on Thursday and Friday nights starting at Midnight. It's about four blocks away from my house, which makes it real easy for me to go down to the station and visit friends. I don't consider myself affiliated with it, I just consider myself a friend who is there to help. Division has played there, as well as our old band SwingSet. I also designed their new logo.

WCWZ: Rumor has it that you are in a band with a member of Coalesce. Is this true? And what is the bands plans in the future?

Joe: Yes, that rumor is true. The band is called Miasis. It's kind of a noise/rock/hardcore band. I play drums, Andy plays bass, and a friend of ours, Evan, plays guitar. At the beginning of the year, we contacted Sean Ingram of Coalesce and asked him if he would like to be a part of the project. He was excited to work with us, so we all began work on a record. We finished recording all of the instrumentation for our full length here this summer. Sean is currently writing vocal parts at his home in Missouri. The record will hopefully be finished by the end of this year, and released early next year. Miasis is currently performing instrumentally locally, but will also be performing with Sean out of state and possibly locally after the record is released.

WCWZ: What are some of the up and coming bands from Naperville?

Joe: There are two up and coming bands here in Naperville. The first is called "The Sea & Ocean." They play amazing emotional music with a little bit of pop thrown in. And the other band is called "Nineteen of Salem." This band plays a combination of emo, metal, hardcore and grind that will seriously blow you away.

WCWZ: Name some of your releases and where someone could purchase them.

Joe: We currently have a limited edition 3 song demo CD available for $4 ppd. that you can get from us at shows or through the mail. If you want more information on the CD check out, e-mail or write: Division, 605 W. Jackson, Naperville, IL 60540. Coming soon is a comp on Sinister Records called "Chicago: Arise from the Ashes" that we contributed to. We did our rendition of CaPn' Jazz's "Forget Who We Are" for the CD and 7" versions. That will be available from us by November, but it should also be in all the local record stores by then too.

WCWZ: Describe Divisions sound using only profanity.

Joe: Pussy dick rock or PDR if you prefer.

WCWZ: What does the future hold for Division?

Joe: The future holds a full-length record, one version on CD and another version on vinyl. Plus a split 7" with Miasis, various comp. appearances and hopefully lots of shows and some touring. All of our contact info is as follows: Division 605 W. Jackson Naperville IL 60540 e-mail - booking - Joe @ 630.420.7812.

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