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John Brown Battery
interview by: Ryan Durkin (WCWZ) Fall 2000

WCWZ: Tell us the most current and saddest news with band members in the John Brown Battery "jinxed" plague?

Paul: The newest news is that Brett is leaving the band to go and finish school. He's moving to Iowa. I'm really sad about the whole thing, but he has to do what is best for him. I wish him luck.

Brett: It's probably the most difficult decision I've ever made and it's always on my mind. I can't stop thinking about it. Sometimes you just have to do what's good for you...and I'm trying to convince myself that this is good for me but it's not easy. We also have a 7" coming out in a few weeks.

WCWZ: Has the band decided to keep playing even though Brett will be gone? If so, what made you decide to keep going?

Paul: This band is the most important thing in my life. These guys and all the friends we've made are now family to me. I love it. Everyone involved with this band one way or another, be it friends, people doing shows, putting out records, or just coming to the shows makes this band what it is. And I don't want to give that up.

WCWZ: John Brown Battery is one of the few bands that actual all live together, what benefits, beside the obvious, does this have on the band?

Paul: You'd think we'd practice a lot more than we do. We all hang out all the time. We fight like brothers do, nothing serious of course. It's cool.

Brett: We all get along really well. I think most people think we're crazy for living, playing, and touring together but I think it makes all of these things easier. We're kinda like brothers.

WCWZ: Name some of the past bands that you were in that led to the creation of the battery.

Paul: I was in the Dynamites with Nick and Matt. That band broke up and we got Brett to start playing bass. And from there you get to where we are now. I also was in the most rocking powerhouse of a band called Safety Keg. Man, those were the days. We had it all.

Brett: The Neumans.

WCWZ: What keeps you playing in a band? Do you ever feel any pressure with maturity and still being in a band?

Brett: I think maturity can only make a band better.

Paul: Making music is what I love doing and making music with these guys is just the best.

WCWZ: How does John Brown Battery judge success when viewing the band?

Paul: Just having people call us and wanting us to play makes me feel good or getting really nice letters from people. Cool people that put out our records rock.

WCWZ: Being on over 3 US tours JBB has been around the US many of times, what were some of your favorite cities?

Paul: There were so many nice places. Grand Rapids, MI is always a blast with our friends in Hunter Rose and With Arms Still Empty who are some of the coolest and nicest people in the world. Milwaukee is great too, kinda like a second home with Seven Days of Samsara and Since By Man living up there. I also really like Maple Shade, NJ. Up Up Down Down always are so nice to us out there.

Brett: Grand Rapids, MI is a great town and the kids are awesome. Greenville, NC is a lot of fun. Mil-rock-me.

WCWZ: What records do you have out know and what releases are on the way?

Paul: We have a full length CD on He Who Corrupts and a seven-inch coming out on The World Won't Listen Records. We have a song on the Sinister comp. Hopefully some more stuff soon when we get a new bass player.

WCWZ: What does the band hope to accomplish in the future?

Paul: I just want to keep playing and getting to tour and see all of the friends we've made all over. I have been having such a blast in this band. We've made so many cool friends along the way. I'd also like to put out some more records. I'd like to get a big dog. And I'd like to have a big party with all my friends. With a pool and some fun stuff.

Brett: I hope Paul, Nick, and Matt will take over the world with or without me. They're my best friends and I'm going to miss the shit out of them. I know they'll continue to write to great music.

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