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Every month we like to ask various individuals that are active in the Chicago independent music community to recommend an album that we carry in our online store. By doing this we hope to spotlight different bands throughout the area as well as the individual that recommends them and what they do within the community.
The Flying Luttenbachers "...The Truth is a Fucking Lie..." CD
Anyone who has ever heard The Flying Luttenbachers will agree that they really holster an original sound that no one can touch. "...The Truth is a Fucking Lie..." is a testament to this band's trademark free jazz-noise-metal style, and is a pretty strong record as well. I first saw this band live at the Fireside at the age of sixteen. At an age where I was pretty closed minded musically, the Luttenbachers were really a hard band for me to comprehend, let alone embrace. However, 4 years (and seeing them 3 times) later, I am able to see how truly special this band is. If you are looking for vocals, predictability, or even structure, this album is not for you. But the biggest complaint I hear on the "streets" about Luttenbacher records is the sound quality. Believe it or not, a couple of tracks from "...The Truth is a Fucking Lie..." (which was completely recorded live) were recorded at the Fireside with a 4-track tape recorder. I'll vouch that the sound on this record isn't too strong. But even though it is very primitive, the sound quality is what adds to the overall charm of this album. Even though "Black Perversion" in my opinion is the album's standout track, the whole thing is consistent as hell, which is another reason to pick this baby up. It was very bittersweet for me to resurrect this album from my collection in the wake of the Fireside coming to an end and all. But this record really makes me appreciate the Fireside and how it catered to alternative types of underground music (such as the Luttenbachers) throughout it's existence. These dudes spent years carving their niche there. Do check this album out, and celebrate this band's entire catalog at that. If you don't, you're a dumb idiot.
- Eddie "Skulldug" Gobbo of Curbstomp



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