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Rise Against
interview by: Ryan Durkin (WCWZ) Spring 2001

WCWZ: I understand Rise Against just got back from touring, how did it go, any interesting things happen?

Joe: The tour was very cut and dry. Drive, play, sleep, repeat. Nothing too exciting happened. I would have expected more stories from a first tour.

WCWZ: I know that you guys just played some shows in Canada. How would you compare the Canadian punk scene with the US punk scene?

Joe: They go off. We don't have an album out yet and these kids still went off for us. It was a good feeling.

WCWZ: Since you guys have been involved in punk for a while, what things have you notice change over the years in this scene?

Joe: The flavor of the month style changed a whole lot over the last few years. When I started going to shows everyone wanted to be Fugazi, then it was NOFX, and now it's the Get Up Kids. It cracks me up.

WCWZ: For you, what is the main difference between 88 Fingers Louie and Rise Against?

Joe: Tim, our singer, is the main difference. His vocal style and lyrics make us what we are.

WCWZ: Any thoughts on the Fireside Bowl closing?

Joe: I think it sucks. All these kids bitch about that place, but they'll realize really quick how important it is. Smaller bands can't play the Metro so they're going to have a hard time finding a decent smaller sized venue to play.

WCWZ: I always assumed that Rise Against would be on Hopeless Records because of 88 Fingers Louie, what was behind you decision to go with Fat Records?

Joe: Fat is a better label pure and simple. They have great worldwide distribution, the money to back a band, and they still maintain their punk rock ethics.

WCWZ: Besides the band, what else are you guys involved in?

Joe: Dan records bands in his basement and the rest of us just hangout and have jobs. I still skate when I can.

WCWZ: What does the future hold for Rise Against?

Joe: We want to get out to as many people as possible. Tour, tour, tour. Ya know, take it as far as it can go.

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